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    5 Reasons to Choose Hardwood Flooring

    Home is where the heart is. We want our homes to provide us with warmth, charm, ambiance, and of course, style. Hardwood flooring provides some of the qualities that homeowners want and deserve in an affordable package. Although many flooring options are out there, it doesn’t get any better than hardwood. Take a look below to learn 5 of the top reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your home and make that call to a professional flooring contractor damascus or.

    1.    Aesthetic Appeal: Homes adorned with hardwood flooring offer character and appeal that other flooring options fail to deliver. Your home gains a touch of sophistication that makes everyone in the home feels great.

    2.    Durability: The average hardwood floor has a lifetime of about 25 – 40 years, although many offer considerably longer lifetimes when well cared for. Hardwood may very well be the only flooring material you ever need.

    3.    Easy-to-Care For: Carpet is one flooring material that takes a lot of hard work and dedication to take care of. Hardwoods, on the other hand, are fairly simple to care for and require minimal effort to maintain their beauty.

    4.    Styles: Hardwood flooring options provide style for every personality. Cherry, oak, and maple hardwood flooring styles are popular, but only a few of the choices. Creating a beautiful home that matches your style is simple when hardwood is in the picture.

    5.    Timeless Design: Hardwood flooring is a material that’s long been used on floors in homes across Oregon and elsewhere in the world. It brings timeless design into the home as well as functionality that you’ll value.

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    Hardwood flooring accentuates homes of all sizes, styles, and ages. If you’re ready to replace the flooring in your home with something new and fun, perhaps hardwood is worth considering.