Always Important To QC Critical Aerospace Parts & Components

    aerospace fittings

    aerospace fittings

    QC work is a widely used practice. And in many industrial cases, this work will be non-negotiable. There is no sense or worth in trying to cut corners because the consequences of not doing so would be quite dire. The QC of newly manufactured aerospace fittings is perhaps an important case in point. Because just think what could happen if there was just one misaligned aerospace part or component attached to the airborne craft?

    QC is short for quality control. Specialist inspectors are also tasked with carrying out quality assurance tests, that’s just another name for this important task. The company that manages the manufacture, testing and distribution of important parts and components is also pushing out aircraft fastening hardware for its commercial and military aerospace clients. Bolts and rivets, a lot larger than what you may be accustomed to seeing, are two common aerospace parts.

    An important part of the manufacturing and distribution business is that of keeping a vendor managed inventory. The business also handles consignment servicing work and product kitting. The reputable company concern attaches itself closely to the standards set by the AS9100 and ISO. It is also certified and compliant in line with all the International Traffic in Arms Regulation regulations. Alongside of the quality control work, other measures are in place to help ensure a successful delivery and installation of product materials.

    These measures include the use of essential testing equipment such as caliper and micrometers. High-powered digital microscopes and spring-load testers are being used. Also being used is what is called a Coordinate Measuring Machine or CMM, to inspect complex machine parts. Another system being used is that of the Keyence IM Image Dimension Measurement System. Dimensional inspections follow the guidelines given by the ANSI.